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5월 11일 필인터 어학원 신입생

안녕하세요 필리핀 세부의 필인터 어학원입니다. 매주 월요일은 필인터의 입학식이 있는날. 이번주는 한국학생이 2명, 대만학생이 5명, 베트남 학생이 1명 ? 그리고 일본학생이 9명으로 ? ?총 17명의 학생이 찾아주셨습니다. ? 너무너무 환영합니다!? ? 앞으로 공부 열심히 하면서 좋은 추억 많이 가져가길 바랄께요!!

5월8일 필리핀 세부 필인터 어학원 졸업생

안녕하세요 ? ? 필리핀 세부의 필인터 어학원 입니다. 매주 금요일은 필인터의 졸업식이 있는 날! Teacher Gina and Student Kim가 호스트를 맡아주셨네요. ? 굉장히 많은 학생들이 참가해주어서, 졸업식 분위기가 후끈 했어요!? ?이번 졸업생은 총 13명 이었습니다. ZOE – GIBO MOE – Japan CANDICE – TAKEMOTO SAKI – Japan BEN – KINJO YOSHIAKI – Japan JULIET – […]

“Motivating your child”

“Motivating your child” / By: Jennifer Pacaldo ?/ Have you ever faced a class full of blank stares where most of the replies you hear are “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”? Have you ever felt frustrated by their lack of interest? As for me, teachers have to find practical ways to motivate their students to learn […]


“MY ROLE TO PLAY” ?/ By: Mary Jane Booc ?/ In honour of the dedicated teachers which played an important role in English instruction for kids, Philinter/JELAI has proven its effectiveness in language instruction. As one of the instructors, this is my testimonial. I do not find it hard to teach juniors, and in fact […]

“Taking Charge”

“Taking Charge”?/ By: Melanie H. Ygsi ? Many students of English are defeated by their fear of taking English Proficiency Tests like TOEIC and as a result, they shy away from this vital assessment and would tend to settle for less instead of the best. However, TOEIC should not be something to be afraid of […]

“TOEIC as a caring partner”

“TOEIC as a caring partner” / By: Diomel L. Estrera / ???????????? Everybody is looking for their perfect partner or maybe the ideal partner. Just like in studying English, we also need a good partner to improve and develop our skills. TOEIC course is one of the best resources to be a very good English […]

“Philinter’s Business English Course Updates”

Philinter’s Business English Course Updates/ By: Garrick Nehls ?/ It has been an interesting year so far. The Business English course is expanding rapidly with its new academic program and its greater emphasis on workplace English. While the business courses of other academies still insist on concentrating on Business persons, Philinter’s business course has widened […]


“RESUME MISTAKES… HOW MANY HAVE YOU MADE?” / By: Jeffrey E. Batayola/ T. Epoy ?/ ? RESUME that is presentable and suitable is the best document/paper when applying for certain positions. The papers comprises one’s resume initially represent oneself to the interviewer and can give good impact to your prospective employer and career. The following […]


LONGER INTRODUCTION? / By: ?Dan Nahum Estillore ?/ I often see students writing long introduction hoping to have a better score in writing task 2. Here is my view: Writing a long introduction is more likely to harm you than making your writing better. The more time you spend in your introduction the less time […]


“SAGACITY OF IELTS LISTENING”/ By: Joeane Abarquez / Listening is one of the requirements for the student to take the IELTS and get a good band score. For student who wants to study IELTS Listening, he/she should know the basic rules and strategies in Listening. An individual must be good in listening and comprehension of […]