“Philinter’s Business English Course Updates”

Philinter’s Business English Course Updates/

By: Garrick Nehls


It has been an interesting year so far. The Business English course is expanding rapidly with its new academic program and its greater emphasis on workplace English. While the business courses of other academies still insist on concentrating on Business persons, Philinter’s business course has widened its scope to include all the many English students who need the language for the workplace, regardless of industry.

We have had engineers, accountants, computer programmers, statisticians, public speakers, advertising consultants, scientists, auditors, among many other professions, all within the past few weeks. All of them have benefited from the curriculum, recognising its usefulness in their professional development.

We are looking forward to taking even greater steps in the near future to expand our reach to provide superior academic programs to professionals, fulfilling Philinter’s vision for its students: to “learn English the right way”.

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