“The Word Bank”

The Word Bank?/ ? ??

By: Teacher?Ana Isidra Marie Bueno? / ? ??

Nowadays, with a?high-speed?development of technology, knowing a foreign language has become more significant in an environment where information plays a decisive role. With English becoming the most common used language especially in doing business internationally, learning vocabulary is turning out to be the basic step beyond all doubt.

Vocabulary class provides a general business English?experience?both for students?who have not yet worked in business and for people who are working and have experience of business environment.?It provides practical lessons necessary for people who need English for working in business with a wide range of essential business vocabulary in line with Common European Framework Reference (CEFR)levels.?The CEFR is often used by policy makers to set minimum language requirement for many purposes.


.Vocabulary lessons are carefully?chosen and organized in groups around a theme from the workplace to international market. Each lesson gives trainings and practice in a variety of skills since vocabulary is the?backbone of the macro skills inlanguage learning.


“Tears of frustration turning into a motivation and success”

“Tears of frustration turning into a motivation and success”/ ? ??

By: Teacher Bryan?R.?Armenion / ? ??

Studying is like a herculean task for most of the non-English Speaking students. ?Some students have finished their course at ease, but others have done it with difficulties.

As one of the General ESL teachers in this institution, there was one event that really touched and made me become the person who could comfort a student in my class. ?The incident happened when I had a beginner student. ?Unexpectedly, the student cried in the middle of my discussion. ?She cried because it was too difficult for her to study ? she was frustrated. ?Her frustration of expressing well what she wanted to do made her unsure of continuing her studies. ?As her teacher, I did not pity her; however I encouraged her to try harder and not to give up. ?After a couple of weeks, the student could improve her skills and confidence until she graduated from this academy.

Indeed, she realized that she was able to use her tears of frustration as a motivational factor towards her success. ?It is clear that there is no difference if you start having a low or high level. Your passion and patience matter most.



Determination” / ? ??

By: Teacher Marc Clark?Patalinghug / ? ??

While excitedly waiting for the IELTS Test results of Sabina and Peter who took the test just last week,?the pressure of the exams is far from over. Three other students are?strategically planning for their turn to get their desired band score in order to have one step closer in acquiring their dreams of migrating and working in Canada and Australia. Dome, Min Hee and Jerome have 3 weeks?until?the December Test, each one of them has a different path after the goal is acquired,?but before that happens they must undergo a series of intensive preparation (a 2-week test simulation of all subtests in IELTS and a discussion?of the tests).?This kind of training is insanely tough?to not only the mental state but also including?the physical strength?of the?students;?nonetheless,?if they want to succeed they must have determination. Get your head in the game.


“Reading is Essential”

Reading is Essential” / ? ??

By: Teacher Cecil D.?Borgonia / ? ??

Does reading matter? Yes it does! Studies said that a?child who reads a lot is a successful one. When a child reads?often and with eagerness, it lasts for a long time. In addition,?a child enhances?the?essential skills of spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Besides this, they learn to express themselves verbally and in writing.

In Philinter, children are?taught in Reading and Vocabulary using different approaches by?the teachers.?One example?is?that?the?teacher gives the child?an ideaabout the topic by giving?cues or pictures, then a teacher introduces the topic or story to be read aloud by

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the student and while the student is reading, the teacher checks the child’s?pronunciation

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and intonation.?Then, the teacher asks the child to write the difficult words?on a sheet of paper and unlocks the difficult words by giving them the definitions. Moreover, the teacher let the students make a sentence using the given words?so that the student can?answer the exercises from the book. As a final?point, reading is essential for children to be successful, so join us here in Philinter and let us teach your child to READ!


“The Ingredient”

The Ingredient” / ? ??

By: Teacher Nathalie M. Rivera / ? ??

Some people asked me the ways on how to reach the target or high score in TOEIC. ?My simple answer is the most valuable ingredient ? Vocabulary. ?Building a strong vocabulary will surely get you to the target score?that you desire. ? Vocabulary includes some words related to business, advertisement, news, travel, job, etc. ?It also covers the fixed expressions, collocations, phrasal verbs, word forms, homonyms, and business idioms. ?If you are well-travelled and sociable, you have a big chance to know many English words. ?Furthermore, vocabulary is the essence in understanding the ideas of the speakers in listening and the authors in reading passages.?So, start collecting English words or phrases and familiarize them as early as NOW.


세부필인터어학원 11월 21일 필인터 졸업생


필인터 어학원입니다.

11/21 졸업생들을 소개해드릴게요^^

졸업식 전에 지난 시험에서 우수한 성적을 거둔 스탠리 학생에게 표창이 있었어요


Joe! 졸업 축하해요.


상냥한 성격으로 모두에게 인기가 많았던 학생이에요.

3개월간 수고 많았습니다^^~

SAMU! 졸업 축하합니다~


3개월간 필인터에서 열심히 공부하고,

주말이면 여기저기 여행도 열심히 다닌 모범생이에요!

CHIBA! 졸업 축하해요~


쿨하고 재미있는 성격으로 모두에게 인기 만점!

3개월 간의 필인터 생활이 CHIBA에게 좋은 추억으로 남길 바랍니다~?

SUNNY~ 졸업 축하해요.


마지막을 화려한 프레젠테이션으로 장식하고 떠나는 SUNNY~

(SUNNY의 프레젠테이션 포스팅 보러가기)

하는 일 항상 잘 되길 바랍니다^^?

AMY~ 졸업 축하합니다.


항상 맏언니처럼 친절하고 상냥했던 AMY가 떠나간다니 서운하네요.

일본에 돌아가서도 항상 행복하길 바랄게요~?

EMILY! 졸업 축하해요~

항상 영어를 사용하려고 열심히 노력하고,

공부도 열심히 했던 친구예요!

필인터 생활이 EMILY에게 행복한 기억으로 남길 바랄게요~

졸업생들을 위한 티쳐들의 특별 무대~

떠나가는 친구를 향한 메세지도 눈에 띄어요~

MAT! 졸업 축하해요~

항상 밝은 얼굴로 긍정 파워를 모두에게 전수했던 MAT!

호주에 가서도 즐거운 워킹 홀리데이 생활 되길 바랍니다~

ZACK~ 필인터 막내가 졸업했어요!


대만에 돌아가서도 지금처럼 항상 밝은 모습으로 생활하길 바랄게요~

*2014.11.21 PHILINTER 졸업생입니다*



발음 교정 수업 Presentation(Sunny and Elvis)

안녕하세요~ 필인터입니다.

오늘?Sunny(한국)와?Elvis(대만)의 프레젠테이션이 있었어요.


주제는??Comparison, Contrast between Korea and Taiwan!


학생들의 프레젠테이션이 어땠는지

현장으로 한 번 가볼게요~?


발표를 앞둔?Sunny(좌)?Elvis(우)

둘 다 필인터의 우등생들이에요~?

많은 학생들과 티쳐들이 프레젠테이션을 보기 위해 모였어요.

필인터는?다양한 수업을 통해 프레젠테이션을 진행하는데요,

학생이 프레젠테이션을 하게 되면 프레젠터 본인에게도 큰 경험이 되지만,

프레젠테이션을 듣는 학생들도 많은 공부가 된답니다 :)


발표에 앞서 Alex가?Sunny와?Elvis를 소개했습니다~

발표를 시작한 두 학생.

오늘은 대만과 한국 각 나라의?음식, 명절, 관광지를 소개해준다고 하네요 :)

Elvis : 많은 사람들이 초두부 냄새를 로맨틱하다고 해요..^^

대만 학생들 : ????!!!!!?


Sunny : 불고기는 각 지방에 따라 다양하게 만들어지고 있어요,

기회가 되면 한 번 드셔보세요^^~

청중들 : (…먹고싶다!!!)


★프레젠테이션 시각 : 점심시간 전!!!!



많은 사람들 앞의 발표라서 떨렸을텐데,

Sunny와 Elvis가 즐겁게 발표를 잘 마쳤어요.


항상 보는 친구들과 선생님들 앞에서 한 발표라서

농담도 자연스럽게 나오고 현장 분위기도 매우 좋았답니다 :D



?Sunny와 Elvis는 미국식 발음 교정 수업을 듣고 있어요.


필인터에서는 레벨을 나눠 발음 교정 수업도 진행하고 있는데,

프레젠테이션 때의?두 학생의 훌륭한 프레젠테이션에?다들 눈이 휘둥그레해졌습니다.?