WORD POWER TEST on November 24, 2008

One of the main goals of Philinter Center for English Languge is to equip the students with a lot of vocabulary. Words that are very essential to improve all students’ communication skills and scores in various examinations such as TOIEC, TOEFL, IELTS. Henceforth, the school has made a test that will enhance the students abilities in English specifically in vocabulary. The WORD POWER TEST is for all students who are dying to improve their vocabulary skills to its zenith. The school makes it a part of its curriculum. It happens twice a month. Aside from the Progress test which takes place every month, there is allso the WORD POWER TEST which all students look forward to.

The top 10 students  in the WORD POWER Test last November 24th, 2008.
1. Dan- 91
2. Runa Yasukochi- 89
3. Matt- 89
4. Jane- 87
    Chery- 87
5. Nicky- 86
    Hide- 86
6. Loon- 85
7. Ki joo- 84
    Saito Hirobe- 84
8. Go to Taichi- 79
    Tom- 79
9. Kate- 77
10. Shige- 76
      James- 76

As for all students who are wanting to improve their skills in vocabulary to its optimum, goodluck next time. We hope to see your names in the top 10 next time!


Ill never forget here.

Its time to go to Canada. Four months passed by quickly.

When I arrived at the Philippines I was worried about myself because

Im not accustomed to staying alone.

Actually I wasnt confident whether I could adapt the life of this place

by myself. However three days later I completely adapted here with

Jhoney. We got along with each other and tried to do something all

the time.

When Jhoney left here he was likely to cry and I was too.

I know if there is a meet there must be a seperation.

However its my turn now. Actually I dont know how to separate

with close people that I know well and what to do.

Today after finishing all of my last classes I said to my teachers good bye.

It was a very hard time for me to endure and I couldnt believe that.

I dont know If I go to the airport Ill behave like what..

But its time to go. Most of all Mr.Choi Mrs Choi and Francise Manager

Im sorry and thank you for everything.

Please be healthy and take care all the time.

PS To Lei : My buddya thank you for your concern and consideration.

Ill never forget you. Thank you for everything and take care..

To Joan : Joan~ I used to tease you all the time but you know it was

my attention to you and its like my expression for close friends.

Youre a good teacher. Go ahead and Im proud of having been your student.

To Dang : I practised a lot of writing with you but nowadays I was so late

for your class. Im sorry. T0T Thank you for teaching me for a long time.

To Queenie : Queenie~ Sometimes I think youre my Korean friend because

you know many Korean words.

word power 실시 확대(안내)

어휘 영역 진단테스트(vocabulary, phrasal verb, idiom etc,.)인 word power를 매월 2회로 확대 실시 합니다.

WORD POWER is held twice a month starting in November. It’ll be a hundred item test.

level 101 (basic) – 20 items
level 201(elementay) – 20 items
level 301 (pre-intermediate) – 20 items
level 401 (intermediate) – 15 items
level 501 (upper-intermediate) – 15 items
level 601 (advance) – 10 items


There will be new classes for coming weeks. For inquiries, please drop by the office for further assistance. The information listed below will be the new classes be taught by the following teachers.

Current Issuses; level 401~501 / teacher Roan
British Accent; level 301 / teacher Charlotte
CNN Intermediate; level 301 / teacher Karen
Effective Meeting; level 301 / teacher Tyra