A Two- Month Lesson Plan for Pronunciation Clinic

                        Day 1              Tips for Perfect Pronunciation
                        Day 2              IPA and RA (Its Differences)
                                                Vowel Triangle
                                                American and British Symbols (Its Differences)
                        Day 3              The Long [i] and Short [I] sounds
                        Day 4              The [e], [   ] and [ae] sounds
                        Day 5              The [a], [   ] and [o] sounds

WEEK 2        
                        Day 1              The Long [u] and short [U] sounds
Day 2              Review on all vowels
                        Day 3              The Schwas (stressed and unstressed)
                        Day 4              The Diphthongs (5 kinds of Diphthongs)
                        Day 5              Vowel Sequences (6 Kinds of Vowel Sequences)
                        Day 1              The Consonants (an overview)
                                                Articulators used to produce a consonant sound
                                                The 6 Kinds of Consonants
                        Day 2              The Stops                  
                        Day 3              The Fricatives            
                        Day 4              The Fricatives (cont?
                        Day 5              The Affricates            

WEEK 4        
                        Day 1              The Nasals                
                        Day 2              The Liquids
                        Day 3              The Glides
                        Day 4              Drills on: [p] and [f] sounds
                                                                [v] and [b] sounds
                        Day 5              Drills on: [l] and [r] sounds
                                                               [t], [s] and the voiceless 뱓h? sounds
                                                                [d] and the voiced 뱓h?sounds
                        Day 1              The final 뻮 sounds and their Rules
                        Day 2              The final 뻛d sounds and their Rules
                        Day 3              The American T and its Rules
                        Day 4              The American T (activity)
                        Day 5              ACTIVITY DAY
WEEK 6        
                        Day 1              Commonly Mispronounced Words due to Vowel
Insertion, Silent Letters and Vowel Environment
                        Day 2              Homonyms
                        Day 3              Linking Sounds: vowel to vowel
                        Day 4              Linking Sound: consonant to vowel
                        Day 5              Blending Consonant to Consonant

                        Day 1              WORD STRESS:      a. stress on the 1st syllable
                                                                                    b. stress on the last syllable
                                                                                    c. noun- verb pairs
                        Day 2              Stress on the Penultimate Syllable:
Words ending in 뻟c, -ics, and 뻟on
Words ending in two-consonant letters + -ive
                        Day 3              Stress on the Ante- Penultimate Syllable:
                                                Words ending in 뻙y, -gy, -phy, -ity, and 뻕l
                                                Three and Four- syllable verbs ending in 뻕te
                        Day 4              How to Stress:           Compound Nouns
Compound Adjectives
Compound Verbs
                        Day 5              Commonly 밠istressed?Words                  

                        Day 1              SENTENCE STRESS: Content and Function Words
                        Day 2              Intonation: -wh and yes/no questions
                        Day 3              Focus
                        Day 4              Anglicized French Word
                        Day 5              Activity and/or Exercises for Word & Sentence Stress

v      There must have at least one (1) activity after every lesson.
v      The activities are only up to the teachers; therefore the teachers can freely design their own activity(ies) depending on their students?level.
v      The scheduling of this lesson plan must (more or less) be strictly followed.
v      WEEK 5, DAY 5: The activity must have its clear objective that is related to the subject matter (Pronunciation)

Prepared by: Teacher Hannah and Teacher Shelsa


I.The progress test is on SEPTEMBER 28, Friday at 8:30 am.


1.As students enter the school, Information Teachers (Juvy, Cha) provide the Permit Slip.

2.There are 5 areas: 1)Listening, 2)Reading and Vocabulary, 3)Grammar, 4)Speaking and 5)Writing and Structure. Students must take all areas according to their desired order.

3.As students finish taking up all the tests, their Permit Slip must be returned to the Information Teachers.

4.After all students are done; teachers post the Answer Keys on the bulletin board.

III.Classroom, Teacher and Contents

1.Listening Test (40 items, Classroom 5)
The teachers are Fuji, Lei. Weendy
☞ Types of exam: Listening Comprehension, Fill in the blank, Multiple Choice, Dictation
☞ References: Internet Source, IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC Books

2.Reading and Vocabulary Test (50 items, Cubicle A)
The teachers are Che, Jeff, Jergen, Rome.
☞ Types of exam: contextual clues, analogy, matching type, multiple choice, and Idiomatic Expressions.
☞ References: All Vocabulary books; Word Smart; All Clear Idioms in Context: All Clear Advance

3.Grammar Test (50 items, Cubicle B)
The teachers are Joan, Lia. Alma, Arwina
☞ Types of exam: Multiple Choice and Identifying Error
☞ References: Basic, Intermediate, and Advance Grammar, TOEIC and TOEFL Preparation Series

4.Speaking Test (50 items)
☞ Types of exam: Photo description. This type of exam is designed for student to explain what is in the photo. Word tenses will play an important role in how the student describes and explain the action involved. Words spoken must match the people, places, and objects involved.

Rooms for Speaking Test are divided by student’s level.  Be guided accordingly:

101 / 201~101 / 201 – GIGI,  SUZIE (Classroom 7)
301~201 / 301 – HANNAH, JOYCE, QUEENIE (Classroom 6)
401~301 / 401 – SHELSA, PAMY (Classroom 3)
501~401 / 501 / 601~501 / 601 -        NINO, KAREN (Classroom 1)

5.Writing and Structure Test (30 items, Cubicle C)
The teachers are Lilet, Eden and There.
☞ Types of exam: Paragraph Writing
☞ References: First Steps in Academic Writing, Ready to Write, Get ready to Write, Effective Academic Writing 1 & 2

IV.The others

1.Students who miss(or do not take) this Progress Test are subject to a penalty which is removal of his/her all one on one classes.

2.Students will have their lunch in the dormitory after the Progress test.

3. There will be 200 item vocabulary examination (“WORD POWER”) at 2:00 – 4:00 P.M, classrooms 5, 6 and 1.

뱅쿠버 어느 한식당에서의 앤드류 알란~

[img:P1000405.JPG align=left width=562 height=400 vspace=0 hspace=0 border=1]

휴가차 뱅쿠버를 갔는데 우연히 앤드류와 알란을 만났습니다. 벌써 6개월이 지났는데 엊그제 본 듯 반가웠네요~  
열심히 공부하며 생활하는 그들을 보며 후배지만 나름의 독려와 자극(?)을 받고 돌아 왔답니다.  안내해 주었던 파크(park)에서 거리의 악사 연주가 다시 생각나네.. [캐논 행진곡]이었던가?  
오랜만에 찬 공기 모닝커피 많이 마셨던 휴가였습니다.  참 앤드류 알랜~ 덕분에 좋은 스쿨 많이 보고 가네요~  다들 잘 지내야 돼~ ^^


세상은 좁더군요 ^^ 프랜시스 매니져님을 벤쿠버 거리에서 우연히 만날줄이야…


지난 2월에 졸업한 학생 Allan 입니다 .
저는 지금 벤쿠버에서 생활중인데 몇일전에 버스를 타고 가는중에 무심코 내다본 창밖에서
프랜시스 매니져님을 보았습니다 ㅋㅋ
설마라는 마음에 그냥 무시하고 지나가려했으나 혹시나 하는 마음에 얼른 내렸죠..
뛰어가서 확인해본봐 정말로 프랜시스 매니져님 !!! 뜨아….
휴가차 오셨다고 하시더군요..

덕분에 어제 저녁에 만나서 벤쿠버서 비싸다는 소주도 먹고 한국식당가서 한국음식 배터지고 먹고 ㅋㅋ
시간은 지났지만 학생들 잘 챙겨주시는 모습은 변함이 없으시더군요 ^^
아참…소주먹으러 찾아간 식당에서 또 우연히 같은 시기에 필인터에서 공부했던 Andrew 도 만났답니다 ㅋㅋ
이런게 인연이겠죠? ㅋㅋ
아무튼 오랜만에 만난 소중한 사람들과 소중한 시간을 보낸것같습니다 ^^

p.s 프랜시스 매니져님 감사해요~ㅜㅜ
학국식당 비싸서 자주 안간다고 했더니 메뉴 주시면서 먹고싶은거 다 먹으라고 하시던 ^^;;

졸업한지 한달뿐이 안된학생입니다 ^^

지금 필리핀이 무지 그립습니다 ㅎㅎ
학원생활뿐만아니라 모든 것이 저는 지금 한국에 있습니다
한국들어온지 한달이 안됫구요 ㅎㅎ
학원생활할때 가 정말 그립습니다
학원선생님들과 매니저님 원장님 그리고 모든 친구들이 보고 싶네요
한국은지금 점점 날이 시원해지고 잇습니다
한국에 도착해서 집에 돌아올때 필리핀에 잇엇던일이 모두 머리속에서 지나가더군요
처음에 영어 하나 모르고 필리핀을가서 걱정을 많이 했습니다
그러나 처음 레벨 테스트를 하고 저의 영어 실력을 알고 매니저님께서 1:1수업 조정을 해주시더군요
그때 정말 감사 햇습니다
다른 학원보다 1:1 수업도 많고 매니저님이 신경을 많이 써주시는거 갓아서 정말 좋았습니다
선생님들도 정말 잘해주시고
필리핀에서의 4달넘는 기역을 잊지 못할것갔습니다
내년에 기회가 된다면 다시 필리핀으로 가겠습니다
필리핀에 있으면서 스쿠버다이빙 마스터까지 따고 주말을 이용해 정말 보람찬 생활한것갔습니다
가끔 클럽에 들러서 글남기겠습니다

저는 지금 경찰특공대 준비하고 있습니다 하루에 운동만 8시간;;;
새벽에는 노량진에 있는 경찰학원에 가고 ….정말 바쁜하루 보내고 있습니다
지그믄 잠시 시간이 남아서 ㅎㅎㅎ

그럼 다음에 다시 오겠습니다 모두 행복 한 시간 보내십시요 ^^*